Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easter 2011

we had some fun this year for easter most of the festivities were on saturday the day before. (which was also James Birthday. Ferrari's were here so ofcourse we had something like 400 plastic eggs hidden in grandma's back yard, and about 5 dozen eggs that we dyed. oh yeah and not to mention the 3 foot bunny pinata that we filled with toys and goodies. we invited some friends because how were we going to find all those eggs with 6 kids. it was tons of fun and everyone got some extra prizes. The next day we went to church and enjoyed our time together and i tried to get a couple of picture, yeah that didn't go so well, but they are pretty cute...
One of the funny things cullen said around this time... he came down very serious and asked if i would tell him the truth. he asked if the tooth fairy was real? i ask what he thought. he said well, some kids at school say their parents just give them money for their teeth. i said "why would we want your teeth." he said well, there is no proof. I said what about other things you can't see? I then said What about Heavenly Father? He matter of factly looked at me (like duh?)and said "mom, we can feel Him." such a cool moment.

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Jake & Rachel said...

Your kids are so darn cute!